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Clinton SloanClinton SloanClinton Sloan had a dream to start up his own upholstery business back in 1961, so he began in the back bedroom of his small town house. Couple years down the road he purchased this well sized shop and from there made truck tarps along with reupholstering for his community. He quickly made friends through honest hard work and providing quality tarps for any service.



In 2014 Clinton passed away and in 2015 his son-in-law Mike Rudolph took over ownership. It is currently managed by his daughter Taylor Rudolph and tarps are made by Clinton's trusted employees, Luis Tinoco, Adrian Tinoco, and Jose Tinoco, who've worked with us for the last ten years. C&C Tarps serving the region for over 40 yearsC&C Tarps serving the region for over 40 years


Brand new set of 4 lumber tarps size 18'10" x 33'6" w/9'6" Drop Black 14oz (25% less vinyl material than your regular 18oz vinyl)





We strive to provide quality tarps for any use, along with friendly, sincere customer service. Come see us today to see what we can do for you!